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26 April 2011 by admin

Uh…it’s been a while since my last update in our gallery. I just added over 30 great, rare images of Alessandra from various events and shoots. Copyrights go to rightful owners of course – I hope you’ll like. I wasn’t really active lately, but it’s because I’m kinda busy with real life right now. I’m going to add last bunch of ‘Fantaghiro’ caps – and then work on other movies.

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  1. ERALDO says:


  2. Dear Alessandra Martines,

    it would be a great pleasure for me to get in contact with you because I have some questions.

    I love your work as an actress, as a dancer and … I have to be honest … as your work as a Princess called Fantaghirò. It has mark me on a positive way (playing with colours and setting beautiful women in the right light in my photographs).

    I would thank you for your influence to the right way … ;o)

    Let us come to my question/my plan.

    I am a German photographer and on my website you can see that I love to focus the beauty of a women in my photographs. You are so beautiful and it would be a great pleasure for me to have a photoshooting with you.

    Therefore I would fly to France or Italia or … where ever you are … (I hope that you are not living in the U.S. at the moment) … ;o)

    Please let me know if you can consider a collaboration with an aspiring photographer.

    Thanks in advance to hear from you and for the time you need to read this mail …

    Thank you very much … :D

    King regards


    LINN Fotografie
    Sven Linneweber
    Südstr. 78
    33647 Bielefeld



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